1992: Beninvest was founded in New York by Benoit J.P. Flammang and was active with private personal investments. It later became The Beninvest Family Office focusing on Capital Preservation, active in alternative investments: Venture Capital, Private Equity, Real Estate and Hedge Funds. 

1993: World Watch Publishing was created and published the first buyers guide iof prestigious writtwatches in English. The publication sold in 48 countries and was the absolute reference book and standard in the insustry. The company was sold in 2000, having more email adresses from collectors than anyone in the world at that time.

The business activity of Beninvest and its global team of Associates is active with the creation and implementation of major strategic international business development plans for companies and governments. It frequently links them to capital markets. Blockchain or distributed ledger technology is currently at the core of many developments, icluding digital token markets.

2018: Co-Founder of DiamHolding and DiamTek™, a Blockchain Fintech Group for downsrstream consumer driven applications in the diamond and gemstone industry.


Business Development

Partner for the set-up of the HINDUJA Group NY merchant bank

Advisor to the Antwerp Diamond Bank for a Private Equity Fund

Asset Management at The Carlyle Development Group,, real estate: 285,000 sq ft Leader Building in Cleveland, Ohio

Business Development for SGG Luxembourg (fund and corporate administration)

Brought the first paying customer to Viaweb and Paul Graham, founder of Y combinator, which became the Yahoo store.